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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 @ 9:30 am PST   We are invested in MLB, so we're getting ready for the 2021 MLB season.  We hope you'll check in to XP Sports as we are adding more pertinent info related to baseball investments daily.  Baseball is just around the corner and we're going to be back for our fourth straight season offering XP's FREE Daily MLB Picks.  We have other big plans, including posting our picks on Twitter and possibly starting a thread at SBR Forum.

Soon, football will be over, the sun will come out, the days will warm up, and we enter the best time of the year.  From Spring Training through the World Series, we're there every day.  We hope you'll check-in every day and make this the be$t $ea$on ever!

Good luck and have fun!

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XP Sports rode the 2020 MLB storm out all the way to the end.


You Could...

You could go to Las Vegas, walk into the sportsbook, place your wagers with the rude ticket writer, and then sit and watch the action on the big screens along with another hundred or two hundred guys loudly celebrating or cursing the games as the afternoon and evening progresses.  You might find yourself sitting in a chair that someone has peed or vomited in.  Hopefully you won't catch coronavirus while you're around all the people who are visiting Sin City from all over the world, but you can probably get a free drink or two, eh, and pay $21.00 for an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Since you travelled all that distance, you'll probably pay some huge resort fees to stay a night or two in the hotel.  Depending on a few other factors, you'll pay $100 to $500 or more just to get there, whether by car or plane.  So you've paid approximately $250-$750 already just to get there, stay there, and eat while you're there - and you haven't even placed a wager yet.  You better win big just to break even.  Thankfully you have other options.  You could do something terrific right now.  You could signup for XBet and from the comfort of your own home, enjoy online sports investing right now.  XP is pleased to provide this service for you. Instead of wasting $350 for a plane ticket to Vegas, you could deposit that amount (or as much as you want) and start playing right now.  If you're investing online and need a cold beverage, you can merely walk to your refrigerator and get it.  If you're sitting in vomit, at least you'll know it's your vomit and no one else's -- and, if nothing else, the chances of getting coronavirus are quite obviously decreased while you're at home.  If you're hungry, there's no need to wait in a two-hour line.


"As an outfielder, you catch the ball and then throw it back in.  If you drop the ball, you pick it up and throw it back in.  If it gets past you, you chase it down, pick it up, and then throw it back in.  That's pretty much your job as an outfielder."   XP Sports, 2019


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