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South Dakota State (+1.5 -109) vs South Dakota

Sunday, January 19th, 2020 @ 5:30 a.m. PST 

While we're watching the NFL Playoffs today we're investing in South Dakota State to cover vs. South Dakota (2 Units).  Good Luck!  

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Focus On 2020 College Basketball

Things are heating up in NCAABB as conference play is under way.  Start every day with kenpom.com and teamrankings.com and MasseyRatings.com.  The schedules and standings for all teams nationwide are at CBS Sports.  Big Sky, Mountain West, Western Athletic, and West Coast Conference teams, with kenpom rankings: 

NEW!  DraftKings now has a Sportsbook!  Follow the link and click on "Looking for Sportsbook?"  Void where prohibited.


Professional Hockey

Sunday, January 19th, 2020  As the race for the Stanley Cup heats up, we're not forgetting about the NHL.  The best teams are stepping up.  Who are the best teams?  Be sure to check out The Hockey Guy for his weekly power rankings.  He also covers every game every day and provides a lot of league information.   

NEW!  XP Sports' 2020 MLB Power Rankings

Friday, January 17th, 2020  This season we will be keeping a close eye on every MLB team with XP Sports' 2020 NEW MLB Power Rankings... Who's making us money and who's losing us money?  Who are we gonna ride and who are we gonna fade?  We're just getting started on this project but we hope our rankings will help all of us in our daily capping activities.  This project will be taking shape over the next couple of months leading up to Opening Day and will continue throughout the season. 


About XP's Picks

XP's FREE DAILY PICKS shall remain FREE forever!  Don't pay someone for picks!

XP specializes in Major League Baseball but invests in all other sports for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Check this page every day for XP's FREE Daily Picks.  All baseball picks and results are documented and archived on the Results Page.

Don't "follow" me (or anyone for that matter)!  The purpose of XP's FREE Picks is to provide for you another resource as you gather information from a variety of resources to collect knowledge as just one small part of your overall capping duties. 


XP's 2020 MLB:  Sprint or Marathon?

We keep hearing that sports investment is a marathon, not a sprint, and indeed, the past two years we've diligently kept pace every day, one unit at a time, slowly gaining a little bit here and there and sometimes dropping off the pace a little, and sure enough, at the end of the year, there we are, up or down a few units.  Aaargh.  It seems like it's a lot of work all year long to only be up (or down) $20.00 at the end of 162 games.  But in the back of our minds we also remember the saying, "You gotta bet big to win big, baby!"  And we see a few cappers who are up 50 units three weeks into the season. We look back on our year and we realize there are occasional games where we knew the winner (well, you never really know for sure, that's why they call it gambling investment) and we stayed conservative, you know, one unit.  And then we kick ourselves - we knew we were all over that game and we only wagered one unit.  No guts, no glory!  So we're just thinking about this topic a little.  We wouldn't mind going up 100 or so units during the 2020 season and cashing out, I mean, we're not getting any younger.  We're not going to change everything we do, we're not going "all in," we're not going wild like we would at the MB Casino, but we're going to keep our eyes out for big opportunities, you know, 10-Star opportunities.  There's no such thing as a lock but there is such a thing as making some real money - that's our 2020 MLB goal.  We can't wait for the season to start.  Good luck!


XP's Cardinal Rules & Guiding Principles

Cardinal Rule #1:  Never invest more than you are more than happy to lose. 

Cardinal Rule #2:  See Cardinal Rule #1.

Guiding Principle #1:  Don't bet parlays.

Guiding Principle #2:  Don't chase.

Guiding Principle #3:  Don't bet props.

Guiding Principle #4:  Recognize trends.

Guiding Principle #5:  Don't play just for the action.

Guiding Principle #6:  Increase/decrease wager size as per level of confidence.

Guiding Principle #7:  Become an expert on a few teams - specialize.

Guiding Principle #8:  Don't pay someone for picks.

Guiding Principle #9:  Strike while the iron is hot - All We Have Is Now.

Guiding Principle #10:  There is no such thing as a "lock."

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