Everything Counts

NCAABB  Yale vs SF (-4.5 -109) 1 Unit

Monday, November 11th @ 5:50 p.m. PST  

We like both of these teams but we're gonna take the home team.  Good luck!  


It's Hockey, Baby!

Sunday, November 10th, 2019  XP highly recommends Hockey Reference as a great capping resource.  We also like The Hockey Guy a lot.  Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel.  Here are his Power Rankings for the week of November 10th - 17th:

01.  Washington Capitals

02.  New York Islanders

03.  St. Louis Blues ^

04.  Boston Bruins v

05.  Colorado Avalanche

06.  Nashville Predators

07.  Edmonton Oilers

08.  Tampa Bay Lightning

09.  Vegas Golden Knights

10.  Arizona Coyotes

11.  Buffalo Sabres v

12.  Pittsburgh Penguins

13.  Vancouver Canucks

14.  Toronto Maple Leafs ^

15.  Calgary Flames

16.  Montreal Canadians

17.  Carolina Hurricanes v

18.  Dallas Stars ^

19.  Philadelphia Flyers ^

20.  Anaheim Ducks v

21.  Winnipeg Jets

22.  Florida Panthers

23.  Chicago Blackhawks ^

24.  New York Rangers v

25.  San Jose Sharks ^

26.  Columbus Blue Jackets v

27.  Ottawa Senators 

28.  New Jersey Devils

29.  Minnesota Wild ^

30.  Detroit Redwings

31.  Los Angeles Kings v


2019-20 NCAA Basketball

Sunday, November 10th, 2019  We're getting ready for the Thanksgiving tournaments and there's no better place to start than kenpom.com  Watch Western games online by following the links below....

NCAABB Pomery Rankings (Updated November 10th, 2019)

Rankings and team/league links are provided as a capping resource and will be updated every 2-3 weeks.  It's still too early in the season (small sample size) to put all your marbles in one bag, but the numbers will become increasingly precise as the seaon progresses.

Big Sky Conference

E. Washington -1.21 (178)

Idaho -15.60 (337)

Idaho State -14.23 (329)

Montana -2.03 (186)

Montana State -8.41 (267)

Northern Arizona -12.34 (311)

Northern Colorado -4.52 (231)

Portland State -8.71 (270)

Sacramento State -8.19 (263)

Southern Utah -2.80 (198)

Weber State -6.87 (254)

Mountain West Conference

Air Force -2.78 (196)

Boise State +4.82 (110)

Colorado State -0.44 (165)

Fresno State +4.91 (108)

Nevada +5.12 (105)

New Mexico +8.32 (83)

San Diego State +8.83 (81)

San Jose State -14.21 (324)

UNLV +0.49 (155)

Utah State +12.28 (61)

Wyoming -10.19 (291)

Western Athletic Conference

California Baptist +1.14 (145)

Cal State Bakersfield -4.26 (216)

Chicago State -26.92 (351)

Grand Canyon +2.33 (132)

Kansas City -5.24 (233)

New Mexico State +12.07 (65)

Seattle University -1.20 (176)

Utah Valley -4.52 (221)

UT Rio Grande -4.47 (227)


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Let's Get Ready for 2020 MLB!

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 @ 11:00 am PST 
We're already prepping for the 2020 MLB season, the best time of the year! As always, we'll be looking at every investment opportunity but we are expecting big Runline profits from the Oakland A's this year. We'll be adding a lot more information right here all winter long.

Sunday, November 10th, 2019

The Westgate Superbook has released the 2020 Pro Baseball Future Odds.  We haven't officially invested yet, but we think there might be is some pretty terrific value in -- you guessed it -- the Oakland A's at 15/1 to win the American League pennant (and 30/1 to win the World Series is interesting too).  Who do you like? 


About XP's Picks

XP's FREE DAILY PICKS shall remain FREE forever!  Don't pay someone for picks!

XP specializes in Major League Baseball but invests in all other sports for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Check this page every day for XP's FREE Daily Picks.  All picks and results are documented on the Results Page.

General Form #1:  Parenthesis follow the team in which XP is investing.  In the following example, the first line indicates XP is investing in StL to win.  XP is investing in NYM to win on the second line. 

StL (ML +120) vs. NYM
StL vs. NYM (ML -120) 

With few exceptions, most wagers will be familiar:  ML = Moneyline;  RL = Runline;  AL = Alternate Line, and O/U = Over/Under (Totals).  Odds are the best line available at the time of the pick.

Big Savings for Big Fans at Fanatics.com

General Form #2:  XP invests ("risks") 1 unit per pick.  In XP's system, each unit is worth $10.00.  You determine the amount assigned to each unit according to your bankroll (i.e., how much you can afford and how confident you are). Obviously everyone is different... some may assign $1.00 per unit, some may assign $10.00 per unit, and others may assign $100.00 per unit, etc., you get the point.

Goal:  There is only one goal and that is to be ahead ($) at the end of the season or when you're ready to cash out.

Early lines vs. later lines.  Understanding line movement is important and oftentimes challenging.  XP will often invest/post the day before the event if better odds are likely.  For example, let's say the Islanders opened at +133 MoneyLine on Sunday but by game time on Monday, the odds moved to +105... it is advantageous to wager earlier.  The lines can obviously move in the different direction too. So ultimately, sometimes XP wagers the day before (or early in the morning) - other times, right before the event begins.  Not only do we want a winner, but we want to win the most possible.

Don't "follow" me (or anyone for that matter)!  The purpose of XP's FREE Picks is to provide for you another resource as you gather information from a variety of resources to collect knowledge as just one small part of your capping duties.  If you choose to mindlessly "follow me" (or anyone else) you're being lazy.  I don't know if I'm a great capper or a horrible capper - every year is different.  I've had some successful seasons and some failing seasons so I guess we won't know until the end of the season. Sometimes I get hot... sometimes I'm cold! Plus, if someone is merely "following" another and there is a cold streak, they for some reason get mad at who they are following.  You are responsible for your investments.  Good luck! 

Bottom line:  Success in sports investment is ultimately measured in the total units (+/-) you have. Records and winning percentages don't really count:  it's cool to brag that you are 9-1, winning at a 90% clip, but if you're still down 5 units, that is what matters.  It's cool to brag that, "I'm hot!  I'm on a seven-game winning streak!", but if you're still down 5 units, that is what matters.

Cardinal Rule #1:  Never invest more than you are more than happy to lose. 

Cardinal Rule #2:  See Cardinal Rule #1.

XP's Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle #1:  Don't bet parlays.

Guiding Principle #2:  Don't chase.

Guiding Principle #3:  Don't bet props.

Guiding Principle #4:  Recognize trends.

Guiding Principle #5:  Don't play just for the action.

Guiding Principle #6:  Increase/decrease wager size as per level of confidence.

Guiding Principle #7:  Become an expert on a few teams - specialize.

Guiding Principle #8:  Don't pay for picks.

Guiding Principle #9:  There is no such thing as a "lock."

XP Watch:  Online Sports Wagering

XP Sports advocates for the legalization and regulation of online sports wagering in the United States, just like it is everywhere else in the world.  The feds have finally legalized online wagering but most states are dragging their feet.  It's crazy that our powers-that-be are moving at such a snail's pace in this direction because of you-know-who and you-know-what.  This section will keep an eye on the progress, or lack thereof, of our decision-makers.

Start Here:  Comprehensive Information at Legal Sports Report

Gambling Laws, Regulation, & Licensing Authorities at GamblingSites.org

United States of Sports Betting:  An Updated Map of Where Every State Stands  ESPN

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Legal Sports Betting  American Gaming Association

UPDATE Saturday, October 26th, 2019 (XP Sports)  Although millions continue to wager online, only a small percentage of them in the USA are LEGALLY wagering online.  There is some progress indicated but most gains appear to related to legal gambling within the state boundries while online gaming still takes a back seat. 


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