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Thank you for visiting XP's TERRIFIC Blog. The September Blog is now up and as always, there will be frequent additions and updates throughout the month, so keep checking back! Some of you are gonna love it here!

Sometimes we write things just for the sake of writing things, but every now and then we choose not to write things that could've or should've been written but at other times we write things that probably shouldn't have been written, but most of the time we write things that are terrific.  Everything is.




September - Grounds

Grounds • Words-Of-The-Month • A Simple Demand • Right In Front Of Our Eyes • Just Say, "No" • Win This 2021 Ford Bronco • Let's Go To The Rally, It's Our Right • For The Record • XPB Press Release (Miss Diagnosis) • What? • Vote Kim Mangone For Congress • We Just Ask Fun Questions • I Forgot • I'm Ju$t $aying, "No" • Where Did All My Money Go? • It's Gonna Be A Big Week! • NEW Showtime Premier • Letters To The Editor • USA Watch/Countdown To The Election • Important Dates • XP's September Poll • XP Institute • Save Science • We Know How This Story Ends • FREE Mental Health Gun Screener • Win a Cool CZ Scorpion Pistol • Education Corner • Photo Of The Month • Monitor The Police • USA Final Grade For September (Pending) • More Being Added...

August - Alert!

Lets... • The Nitty-Gritty • XPB's Words-Of-The-Month • Join The Antifa Organization • What I Will Do (Parts I & II) • Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers • 2020 National Conventions w/Final Grades • Recurring Nightmare • A Saturday Conversation • Thomas Jefferson Quote • Alert! • XP's August Prediction • For Them, Not Us • New Normal • Drain The Swamp, Part II • Crying Lincoln • We Support Goodyear • Photo Of The Month • Project Update • USA Final Grade for August

July - Premier Issue

Gonna Go Fishin' • Fun Lake Powell Facts • Hitting The Road • I'm Back! • Not Gonna Happen Today, But... • A Visitor Recently Asked • XP News Interviews A Trump Cult Member • What Would... • They Came In Peace • Aliens Issue Statement • They Came For The Money • Education Corner • Join VHEMT • Photo Of The Month • USA Final Grade For July


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