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You Could've Been A Tetrahedron In A Cube...

Through Facebook, I recently became aware of a documentary, The Trap, by BBC Documentarian, Adam Curtis.  In many ways it has confirmed my consistent message (i.e., to "break free").  This movie provides a great explanation and understanding of how you and I ended up being trapped.  So once we understand we have been trapped - and what kind of a trap it is - we should find ways to escape the trap. 

XP offers you another opportunity to break free.

Figure 1 shows the old (and current) path toward normalization and socialization, a pretty direct problem solving method often relying on reinforcement (and punishment) of mere targeted behaviors.  This Skinnerian stimulus-response model has a pretty high success rate (as measured by them, not you) and results in you as a number (i.e., the subject responded at an 88% rate).  Somebody else defined your [success/behavior] for you.  And now you are free to go back to work - but under their terms.  You have freedom but, um, it's the freedom they have allowed you to have.

The bottom half of the figure strives for a more positive freedom.  By attempting to move beyond a mere two dimensional model and looking at the whole human and everything else there is hope.  And successes can still be measured mathematically, but instead of a simple 1+1 formula, hyper physics, using the laws of the universe, may be more appropriate.

So let's get started... 

As you are already aware, you understand you are under extreme internal and external pressures to be, you know, “normal” (or to be socialized).  Bengt Nirje has articulated a highly influential definition of normalization.  Many schools of thought, especially the mathematicians, economists, politicians, and other social engineers have had their say too in defining your socialization, normalization, freedom and dignity.  All strive for freedom, but unfortunately what you [most of us] have is a, a negative freedom (Berlin).

You thought you were free?  Well, you kind of are - in a negative sort of way.

During the times your freedom was being defined and determined for you, Skinner wrote Beyond Freedom And Dignity. His was a dark view for you, you, a mere stimulus --> response.  Others define you as an information processor.  Others, define you as a selfish, greedy biological organism working only toward your own self-interests. Um, therefore, because you are so easily defined and predictable, you are easily manipulated.  
And there you have it.


You have been trapped, easily defined by a mathematical formula. This is one of the many reasons XP always says, “You are much more than a test score.”  Still, to many, maybe even yourself, you understand and accept that you remain a [mere] particle in a box (or speck of dust on the floor).  Wouldn't you rather be a tetrahedron?

Eric Fromm, one of my personal heroes (hopefully one of your’s too) wrote quite extensively about Escape From Freedom. There is hope.


So at this point, you need to go sit down, put on your headphones, grab a cold beverage, and watch Adam Curtis’ The Trap.  That documentary will help you begin to understand what led up to how you/I/we got to this point. If you want to read ahead, you can watch Adam Curtis’ HyperNormalisation.  That will help you understand where you are now (and will hopefully help you begin to better understand Figure 1).

Review and Comments by Matt Keighley, October 30th, 2016:  "I truly believe Curtis' work is amongst the most powerful of social commentaries we'll see in our time, if not the most powerful because of its beauty despite the darkest subject matter.  Those images permeate.  When my son is older I'll sit and watch this stuff with him in the hope he'll be able to find his space outside of 'The Trap'...  I hope by the time he's older we've all cottoned on to what's happening here and it's not so necessary.   At heart I'm an artist, and believe strongly in the redemptive and restorative power of art. I find it difficult to nail things down with words and I think this is why Curtis' stuff resonates so strongly with me.  I've always believed "individual rebellion not revolution" is the only way for effective change and progress.  Revolution's like a wheel, whoever is at the top gets crushed at the bottom and the process starts again."

You and I are here now and ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.

Now that you know you’ve been trapped and are in a trap, what [could] happen next?

Well, don’t tell anyone but you could strive toward a new positive freedom.  Some of those who have defined you had determined that you have a choice (Glasser).  They have chosen to allow you to choose.

But back to the original thought – that you are number.  We could play their game.  If they are going to define us using a mathematical formula, okay.  Let’s use the laws of physics.  Schrodinger’s equation seems fitting.  With just a simple adjustment things might make better sense…
If we are moving from Normalization to HyperNormalisation [sic], then we can by definition move from physics to HyperPhysics.  Schrodinger's equation yields numbers for the typical 2D (nature) particle in a box, but a variant (above) allows for the calculation of a 3D particle in a box.  That's right, three dimensions!  All you have to do is fill in the numbers and perform the calculation!

Therefore you could BREAK FREE right now if you so choose.

If you don't like numbers, formulas, and equations, I'll, um, give you another choice.  Simply put on your 3D glasses and view the multidimensional tetrahedron!  That may be all you need!
Good luck in your new life as a Tetrahedron In A Cube...

Whoops, just a minute. 

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