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November, 2020

Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th President of the United States of America, but we remain in crisis, we're not out of the woods yet. A lot can still happen between now and January 20th, 2021. We haven't been posting a lot this month yet because we're still holding our breath, kind of waiting to see what happens next. Good luck to us all.

Sunday, November 1st, 2020 @ 8:00 am PST  We've spent the past several months (and the past four years) speaking out about the presidency and the election and there is not much more we can say at this point.  Now it's up to the American voters.  The future of the USA and much of the world will be set in this election - the stakes have never been higher.  

UPDATE November 7th, 2020:  The people have spoken.


Sunday, November 1st, 2020 @ 8:00 am PST  All Americans (well, except maybe Donald Trump) will accept the outcome of a fair election, right?  We now need to begin the long process of uniting and healing.  That process needs to begin by Trump standing trial so that he is held accountable for his actions over the past four years.  No pardons.


November's Words Of The Month

Loser  /ˈlo͞ozərnoun.  A person or thing that loses or has lost something.  Google Dictionary

Sucker  /ˈsəkərnoun informal.  A thing or person not specified by name.  Google Dictionary

Traitor  /ˈtrādər/  noun.  A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.  Google Dictionary

Sedition /səˈdiSH(ə)n  noun.  Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.  Similar:  incitement (to riot/rebellion).  Google Dictionary

Liberal /lib' er-al/  1. Possessing or manifesting a free and generous heart; bountiful. 2. Appropriate and/or fitting for a broad and enlightened mind. 3. Free from narrowness, bigotry or bondage to authority or creed. 4. Any person who advocates liberty of thought, speech or action. Webster's Dictionary


Why Your Vote Didn't Count

Sunday, November 1st @ 1:15 pm PST  People talk about how the polls were wrong in 2016.  Well, they weren't wrong... they showed Clinton winning, and she did by a large margin.  She won the popular vote.  But we have this, um, system in the US where the voices of the people did not count - only the votes in a few counties or precincts in a few "swing" states.  Currently we have polls showing Biden with a big lead but people say, "don't trust the polls, get out and vote."  And they are correct about one thing - everyone needs to vote.  But there remains this [red] elephant in the room... the Electoral College.  If Biden wins the popular vote by a majority but loses the election due to a couple counties in a couple states... some of us are going to be a little upset.  I'm re-posting this plea to eliminate the electoral college before the election so that no one can say it's sour grapes.  When will we move to one person = one vote?  Eliminate the Electoral College.



Monday, November 9th, 2020 @ 8:00 am PST

I'm not expecting any miracle cures from Biden/Harris.  I'm hoping they can at least seriously address the pandemic and hopefully overturn many of Trump's disastrous Executive Orders.  Biden has a chance to bring back some level of respectability to the USA from the world (that's already started).  But aside from that, real progress will be difficult with the Republican Senate blocking probably everything else he tries to accomplish.  He will be a transitional, rather than a transformational, president.  But transitioning to what?  What will happen in four years?  I wish we [the US] could come up with a long-term bipartisan plan that is great for America[n citizens] but apparently that will never happen - apparently every four years we're gonna get this extreme back-and-forth, from red to blue to red and back again, spinning our wheels.  Like I've said before, my vote for Biden wasn't so much a vote for Biden as it was a vote against an authoritarian fascist autocracy.


XPB Press Release

Could this be the end of an era?

Sunday, November 15th, 2020 @ 3:30 pm PST  According to several confidential sources, Miss D has broken off negotiations.  There is little hope of reconciliaiton.  The XPB Editor is offering to sell all rights to the original copyrighted Miss Diagnosis for $10.000.  If interested, e-mail the XP Editor.


In The Death Grip Until January 21st, 2021

Observation #52918

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 @ 7:45 pm PST  Before the election, they (you-know-who) spent all that time saying there would be efforts to undermine or overturn the election - cautioning that the election might be “stolen." Indeed, since the election, they (you-know-who) have spent all this time in ongoing efforts to undermine or overturn the election, trying to steal it.


Observation #52919

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 @ 10:00 am PST  There are many reasons why so many Americans "require" mental health services.  Here is one phenomenon/possible explanation I've observed over the past sixteen or so years:  1) the student irritates his teacher and is sent to the office; 2) the vice principal makes him cry; 3) she refers him to the school psychologist because he's crying.  Viola, the student is now in the mental health system.  Some vice principals seem to think that every student who ever irritates his or her teacher requires mental health service.  


Education Corner

Monday, November 23rd, 2020 @ 6:30 pm PST

Everyone was at the Student Assistance Team Meeting... the parent, student, teacher, special education teacher, nurse, school psychologist (me), advocate, speech therapist, and social worker.  The teacher scowled, "John is not completing his homework."  Everyone turned and looked at me.  I said, "Why are you looking at me?  John is the one not doing his homework!"  


A Few More Positive Suggestions...

“...Your slaving job to get your pay.”  Taking Care of Business, BTO

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 @ 9:05 pm PST  

Okay, let’s say you’re a small rinky-dink underperforming rural school district in a small California outpost or in the middle of nowhere and you, like so many others, are experiencing some significant financial woes during these challenging pandemic times.*  You have about ten out of eleven or so underperforming schools** and you need to find some ways to cut costs. You’ve considered all options*** but I’m telling you right now you should go with your first impression: let the vice principals go, it’s the best choice.  I mean, what do they do?  It’s true they can form dance clubs and um, get together some student conflict mediators who wear little yellow vests that say, “Conflict Mediators,” and they are pretty good at organizing monthly birthday parties and game days in the cafeteria.  They help out with fire drills.  Often the vice principal is called in to do the principal’s dirty work and they most often do it poorly but in those cases, maybe the principal should go too, especially those who can't respond to a single e-mail in three years.  I’ve actually met a few vice principals in the last thirty years who aren’t horribly incompetent and some are nice sometimes, but hey.  Let’s see, what else does a vice principal do?  Um, well, often they run Student Study Teams (like seventeen days a year) and refer every single student for therapy and/or special education "just to make sure" and/or attend §504 meetings, complaining every step they misunderstand along the way.  I will give them some credit:  at least some of the time some of them appear to actually be trying because they want to be a principal some day and they think/hope the superintendent likes them and they will, um, do whatever they need to do (and I mean, whatever they mean to do) to climb that ladder.  They often sit-in on IEP meetings because the principal is too important to be there but they only know they don’t like what they think they are seeing, so they sit there, scowling, because that is all they know how to do.  VPs sometimes try to consult with real educational professionals but most of the time they just end up giving some sort of a little directive because they, um, wanna be a real administrator some day and they think that’s what real administrators do.  Most of the many of the elementary school districts throughout the western states don’t use vice principals.  Just say no to vice principals.  Next month we’ll talk about the twenty district administrators you have sitting in their offices doing nothing all day.

*Even if your district is not suffering financially, you could save $1,000,000 by cutting ten vice principals.  Keep the one who the Board member really likes of course.

**I have to give credit where credit is due:  some vice principals are great liars and great at filling out forms.  They can actually convince the California State Department of Education that they are a California Distinguished School because they can establish a dance group in the cafeteria at lunchtime and state they are doing MTSS and PBIS even though they have no idea what MTSS and PBIS are.  A school in the good part of town can meet their testing goals and that can make them a California Distinguished School.  Great job to one vice principal!

***You could release all of those employees that are close family members or relatives, hired and maintained via nepotism;  that could save millions, but we know that won't happen. 


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"Will Joe Biden be able to unify the country?"

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"Are we in Trump's 'death grip' until January 20th, 2021?"


"Only if you choose to be."

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