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1986 Amstar Lazer Mini-Speedboat

This is a cool, rare, mini-speedboat in excellent condition with almost all the bells and whistles.  I've put a lot into this boat, including a brand new engine!  Current photos are below.  Contact me if you want to talk turkey!

The Lazer isn't just your average little mini-speedboat.  Here is some information about the boat:


It can be easily trailered by almost any vehicle.  The size and shape make it easy and convenient to operate on water. As it is an outboard boat, it has forward and reverse and is controllable at slower speeds whereas the jet pump style boats do not have control at slower speeds.  The cockpit provides a safe, dry, stable ride vs. a jet ski.  It is unbelievably cool!


Overall length 12’6”

Beam 60”

Persons/capacity 2 or 3 persons or maximum of 365 lbs.

Boat weight (dry) 365 lbs.

Maximum H.P. 50

Maximum capacity 675 lbs

Base color Polar white

Accent color Red


• Exclusive winged v-hull design

• Foam flotation

• 10-gallon internal fuel tank and system

• Electric fuel gauge

• Bilge Pump

• Stainless steel stern and bow eyes

• Navigation lights

• Mooring cleats

• Sport windshield

• Cigarette lighter

• Color-coordinated marine vinyl

• Horn 

• Built in ice chest


• The hull has been reinforced and is very strong for jumping waves or taking a pounding

• Flotation foam has been added

• Entire electrical system has been rewired

• Auto tilt for motor

• New speedometer, fuel gauge, and steering wheel

• New battery

• Rear view mirror

• Teak accents have been added

• Automatic engine cutoff cord/system

• Swim steps

• Foils

• Clock and thermometer on dash

• Custom flagpole and US flag 

• Fenders have been added to the trailer

• Trailer has been completely rewired and new lights added

• New horn installed

• Boat is prewired for ship-to-shore and/or stereo system

• Trailer is in excellent condition (there is a little rust showing here and there) 

• The vessel's name is, "AZZY."  The decal can easily be removed. 

This Lazer has a lot more bells and whistles...

The BRAND NEW (purchased at the Boat Shoppe in Fresno in October of 2017) 40 HP Evinrude engine starts every time, has nine-and-half-years remaining on it's [transferable] warranty,  and is legal to run everywhere in the world.  Along with the motor are BRAND NEW controls and instruments!

RECENT WORK (Since March of 2015):

• Bearings packed on the trailer by Carroll's Tire Warehouse. It's ready to hit the road!

• BRAND NEW red and white seats 

• BRAND NEW carpet!

• BRAND NEW cockpit cover!  WOW!  Beautiful custom work!

• BRAND NEW tires and wheels from Carroll's Tires

• BRAND NEW jack in case you get a flat tire on the road

• BRAND NEW winch on the trailer 

• BRAND NEW trailer guides to help the boat easily align on the trailer  

• Did I mention you can plug in the boat in your garage so your battery does not go dead?

• Did I mention the Viper propeller is insanely aggressive?


• A few spots of rust on the trailer (trailer is otherwise in great shape, very roadworthy).

• Trailer lights are being replaced at the present as they were "flickering."

• There are few nicks in the paint on the boat, hardly noticeable (it's a 30 year-old boat).

• Steering to the left takes a little extra effort due to steering cable being cramped (it's a small boat).

The boat and trailer have current registrations and titles.  All paperwork is up to date, baby!

There will be a few add-ins for whoever purchases the boat, including 3 life preservers, a throw preserver, an oar, fire extinguisher, anchor, oil for the engine, ropes, temporary LED travel lights for the trailer, and probably a few other things I can round up from around the garage.  Heck, I can even throw in four old trailer tires and wheels if you want. 

You might be wondering why I'm selling this classic vessel... Well, I'm getting a little older - this boat needs to go to someone younger who wants to go jump waves and speed up and down rivers at break-neck speeds!  But, I still love this boat and if I don't sell it I will continue to enjoy it.

Whether you're a racer, a cruiser, or a wave-jumper, this boat is for you! 

Huge Price Reduction:  Asking $10,000 $8000 OBO


(Was Asking $15,000 Or Best Offer)

Trailer is worth at least $1000 to $2000

Engine and instruments/controls are worth at least $9000 (with transferable warranty)

Boat is worth at least $4000 (probably more like $5000 to $7000)

If seriously interested, contact me via e-mail 

For your safety and mine, we'll transfer the money at a local bank and the boat/paperwork at the local DMV.

I'll be reposting this vessel for sale on Craigslist in several major markets (including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Reno, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Lake Havasu) at the start of 2019.  Talk to me now!

You don't see too many of these rare cool mini speedboats... you could have it on the water by the afternoon!

ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.  What will you do?

In the next section are NEW and recent pics (June 2018) of the Lazer screaming up and down the Colorado River near Willow Beach, AZ and at Lake Ming, CA...


Photos (Click any photo for the screenshow)


A Final Note...

You may be asking how $10,000 is a deal... you may be thinking you only want to spend $2000...

1) The Evinrude 40 (Note:  the Evinrude shown in the sidebar is a 50 HP and not the actual engine on the Lazer) is almost brand new, works perfectly, and has 9 years left on the transferrable warranty; it is worth $9000 right now.  If you want to purchase the motor individually for the remaining payoff price. let me know, I would consider selling the engine.

2) I can't tell you how much time and money I've put into this boat and trailer to make them [almost] turnkey.  The boat itself has to be worth approximately $5000 to $6000 by itself (without motor).

Together (boat, engine, and trailer) are worth $15,000 if they're worth a dime.

But I'm willing to sacrifice now for only $10,000!


The Original Sales Brochure

The Original Amstar Lazer Sales Brochure!

Here's a gem I found on the web - the original sales brochure!  

Click the button to download the PDF document (999 KB)