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The DSM In Real Language (IRL)


Which terminology do you prefer, the official DSM "medical disability," or In Real Language?

As always, you get to decide.  What do you want?  Big fancy DSM words, labels, and diagnosis (and all the "treatments" that go along with them)?  Or real language?

In Real Language (IRL), the mental health system is designed to make a lot of money for a lot of people, especially "advocates," those in psychiatry, and the big pharmaceutical companies.

I'm not the only one who sees it this way... millions are opening their eyes every day.  Will you?

In Real Language (IRL), "every behavior committed by a human is a human behavior" (Asbridge, 1994). 

I hope you will continue to gather information about this important topic (i.e., the invention of "diseases," "disorders," and "conditions" so drug companies can make a lot of money).  There is a lot of information out there already, just start by going to your favorite internet search engine, type in any of these "disorders," and use your critical thinking skills as you investigate. 

I've been all over this topic for over fifteen years and I'm optimistically thinking millions of people and organizations are finally starting to get it - or maybe not.


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