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Everything Counts

February, 2021 

All XPB visitors are reminded that we remain on FULL ALERT status. We have been infiltrated and infected by [you-know-who]. Stay alert, stay alive. Hold traitors accountable and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Monday, February 1st, 2021 @ 12:01 am PST Imagine a world with no wars. No hunger or famine. No murders or crimes. No misery, racism or discrimination. No cruelty or suffering. No oppression. Imagine a world with a pristine atmosphere and no pollution. Imagine no religion. Imagine no politics. Mars, our nearby neighbor, is like that. We could be more like Mars if we tried harder.

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Join the Space Command?

America's Vision:

• Space is a vital interest that is integral to the American way of life and national security.

• Space superiority enables the Joint Force to rapidly transition from competition to conflict and prevail in a global, all-domain fight.

• Space war fighters generate the combat power to WIN in space.

• Space provides the warfighter a combat advantage from the ultimate high ground to the last tactical mile.

You could join Donald Trump's Space Command and help spread America's visions of intergalactic warfare, starting with Mars. You could play an important role in bringing America's religion, politics, pollution, and racism to Mars and beyond. As a Warfighter or Guardian, you could help America WIN in space and help our billionaires make a lot more money.

Mission of the US Space Force: "The U.S. Space Force is a military service that organizes, trains, and equips space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force. USSF responsibilities will include developing Guardians, acquiring military space systems, maturing the military doctrine for space power, and organizing space forces to present to our Combatant Commands." Click here to get started with your application process right now.

Related: Can the Space Force repair Its Image and be taken seriously? (Yahoo News 360)

The Race is On!

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 @ 7:00 am PST Things didn't work out as hoped here on earth so everyone's looking for somewhere else to live.

NASA's Perseverance Mars Landing

This great animation portrays key events during entry, descent, and landing that will occur when NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars February 18th, 2021.

Too Many People

Monday, February 1st, 2021 @ 12:01 am PST As described by Zimbardo (1979), "The most thorough investigation of the relationship between population density and social-emotional pathology in animals was conducted by John Calhoun (1962, 1976) at the National Institute of Mental Health. Colonies of wild or tame rats or mice were reared in artificial habitats where the effects of increasing population could be observed over several generations..."

Calhoun's Research

'...In one series of experiments, a kind of housing project was created in which there were four interconnected units. reached by a winding staircase. To reach the end units, the animals had to pass through the center ones, which soon became the focal point for social activity. When the population grew to about 80 rats -- 40 would have been optimal -- life destroying behaviors began to emerge.

Despite the presence of ample physical resources, such as food and nest building materials, there were frequent vicious fights between the males as well as unprovoked attacks on females and infants. Some males were extremely aggressive, while others withdrew and became passive. Hypersexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality increased tremendously. Social order broke down completely to the point that such normal activities as nest building and infant care were ignored by the females, cannibalism occurred, and no infant reached maturity. Deviations in endocrine functioning were common, especially among the animals at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

In another version, living quarters were arranged as 'high-rise apartments' around an open area, again with ample food and nesting materials and freedom from germs, predators, and bad weather. Breakdown began when all the desirable physical spaces and social roles were filled. Dominant males started to break down, worn out from defending their territories. Females chased their young out of the nest early and became more aggressive and dominating. Young adults stopped struggling for territory of their own. With neither territory nor a useful role in the community life, they never had a chance to develop the interactive social behaviors needed for the survival of the group. Instead they took to a pathological 'life on the streets' in the large open central area. Even breeding ceased in the community. The last mouse died less than five years after the start of the study.'

I admit I'm not always a huge fan of all research ever performed by the NIMH, but this bit of research seems to be, uh, pretty important. It seems to explain a lot...

Irreconcilable Differences  

We Demand An Immediate Divorce (Part I)

Monday, February 1st, 2021 @ 12:01 am PST There's just no way this is ever going to work out any more. We had quite a run, eh? Over 240 years together but all good things must come to an end. We're ciiting irreconcilable differences and we want a divorce. It doesn't have to be a messy breakup, though. We have an offer for you to consider: by forming six new countries (to be collectively known as the Former United States of America), assets can be divided relatively fairly. There may still need to be a few details to work out, but our proposed settlement (pictured above) should make almost everyone happy. We are tired of the fighting and, well, everything else you do, so we will concede the New Confederacy to you. It's all your's! Go ahead and appoint McConnell or the KKK or the Proud Boys or QAnon or whoever you want to lead your way. Mar-a-Lago will be created as a new kingdom with Donald Trump appointed as your King, just as you've requested. New America will reform in the north. Native America will be returned to the original owners. Cascadia will become part of Canada. Texas finally gets it's wish and becomes the Texas Republic. Alaska will be sold to the highest bidder (*probably China), with profits evenly distributed to each of the new countries or kingdoms. Do you have a counter-offer? Let's make this happen soon because we can't stand you any more.

 "You're no good for me, I'm no good for you."

American Woman, The Guess Who, 1970

Press Release

Final Settlement Reached (Part II)

Friday, February 12th, 2021 @ 9:30 pm PST We have made great progress over the past couple of weeks and we are pleased to announce the divorce is now final! There was one formal objection to work through and all of the additional details have been worked out. New America, New Confederacy, Native America, Texas Republic, Cascadia, and the state formerly known as Alaska all remain the same as previously articulated in Part I. Final changes and terms: 1) The Eastern Kingdom of Mar-a-Lago is joined by the Western Kingdom of Mar-a-Lago (formerly known as Arizona) and will be ruled by King Trump; 2) New Georgia will become independent and be will governed by Marjorie Taylor Green; 3) Weld County (in the former state of Colorado) will become Weld Country; 4) The Northwest Angle will be included with Cascadia; 5) Cascadia refused to annex the former state of California, so it will be returned to Mexico. Everyone should be happy now. Peace.

They. Did. This.

We will not forget and we will not forgive what they did (all eight senators and 139 representatives are identified in the comprehensive Daily Mail article). Each one of them needs to be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Republican Accountability Project

FREE Advice

Hello everyone! I'm glad to be back! XP and I have finally agreed to contractual terms for 2021 with an option for 2022. I would like to remind you that I am the one and the only, the ORIGINAL, the copyrighted, Miss D and today I want to remind you that you* are probably not the one with the problem.

Thousands of individuals, agencies, therapists, and websites are offering assistance on how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Miss D's #1 Rule is to find and do whatever works for you. If meditation works, then great, use it. If relaxation exercises work, great! Yoga? Healthy diet? Imagery? Positive self-talk? Hobbies? Sports? Talking with someone? Writing, reading, drawing, playing music? Taking frequent breaks? Naps? Walks? Winning money in sports investing at XBet? Meds? Etc. No problem, whatever works.

But it may help to remember one thing: you're not the one with the problem.* The feelings you've been having are the same that millions of us are experiencing and are mere symptoms of the real problem. We're all feeling sad, angry, depressed, stressed, confused, disillusioned, helpless, lost, disconnected, hurt, trapped, skeptical, pessimistic, cynical, tired, unfocused, etc. Having these feelings, thoughts, and behaviors doesn't mean you have a disorder - it means you are responding the way all normal people respond to these abnormal circumstances. Don't let these f*****g politicians and the Republicans get you down - they're the ones with the problem.

   *Well, okay, you might be the one with the problem. You probably are.

WARNING: Old High School Poetry*

We tried to warn you. We gave you fair notice. Visit XP's Terrific Blog monthly or else there will be more old high school poetry coming.

Knife the heart, the soul, the brain that rule the domain,

Deep depression comes to gut level during a daylong rain.

The chemical company says it's minute,

but to me, the river's a bad place to pollute.

The oil company says it's minute,

but to me, the ocean's a bad place to pollute.

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 @ 1:30 pm PST

We are OFFICIALLY back on Alien Watch until further notice.

Annual Physical Checkup

Saturday, February 6th, 2021 @ 7:00 pm PST On Thursday I went in for my annual physical checkup at the doctor's office. It seemed to go okay for the most part, at least I know I'm alive right now (knock on wood). During the course of the visit, my doctor asked, "so how are you doing, how have you been feeling?" I answered, "Well, aside from trying to cope with all the politics and the pandemic, everything is great." He then asked, "Are you bored?" My answer, "No, not really, I enjoy working on my web site, making sports picks, and working on my camper project." I added, "Once the weather turns warmer, I plan to travel a little and get my boat out on the water and do more camping." He further inquired, "Are you depressed?" I answered, "No." I mean, come on, we're all depressed right now given the state of the union and the pandemic, but that doesn't mean we all have a damn disorder. So then he did the expected: he offered me medication for depression. Now I like my doctor and I trust him - he's been my doctor for over twenty-five years. I appreciate that he would do what he can in hopes of making me feel better - or maybe he was calculating how much extra he will be making this month with another filled prescription. So anyway, I politely and respectfully declined his offer. Getting my boat out on the water when the weather warms up will make me happier (or less sad), spending more time playing with my dog will make me happier, and yes, even spending more family time will make me happier. One final thought: if doctors are going to offer drugs, why not the fun kind? Medical marijuana, maybe? Why is it always the kind that takes thirty days before you, um, start to maybe feel an effect + you get to deal with the adverse side effects? And why not the good stuff, like you know, don't they give some really good pepper-upper pills to jet pilots, soldiers, the police, senators, presidents, athletes, rock stars, etc.? I want what they're having.


Next week...

Saturday, February 13th, 2021 @ 6:15 pm PST Okay, we've had a lot of fun covering the politics the last six months or so, but we here at XP's TERRIFIC Blog have had it up to here with politics. The political system has created this, um, problem, and we're not optimistic the political system will be able to fix the problems it created, so fine, whatever (be sure to take XP's February Poll). We have one vote, that's all we have, so every vote we here at XPB make on into the future will be blue - and then we're gonna walk out of the booth and not even think about your politics until the next election. There, you have it. To paraphrase Jim Morrison, "We're gonna get our kicks until the whole shit house goes up in flames." So we're going to LA on Monday and Vegas on Wednesday, baby! Boating on Saturday. Camping the next week. We're gonna enjoy some baseball, warm weather, and hot dogs in the next several months. We're gonna make some money investing in online sports wagering. We're gonna go back to music, poetry, peace, love, and, um, your mental health. We're gonna concentrate on what everyone wants - mindlessness. If Trump wins in 2024, I don't care - if the American voters are stupid enough to vote him in, they will be getting exactly what they deserve... apparently there's nothing I can say that will ever change their minds, so we're not gonna worry about it any more. Here's what is truly important: we're changing our logo - yes, we'll have a new logo for XPB in March. Stay tuned and be sure to check back in March. For the first time ever, we haven't featured a music video to headline the blog, so here it is, better late than never:

E-Mail your letter to the XP Editor

"Now I'm really depressed. Gee, should I just kill myself?"

A Follower

"No, not at all. Join VHEMT and live long, enjoy life. It's that easy."

XPB Editor

"I still don't see why you think Joe Biden is perfect."

QAnon Committee Chairperson

"I never said Biden was 'perfect.' All I know is given the choice between Trump/fascism and Biden/democracy, I voted for Biden."

XPB Editor

"Why do you hate Republicans?"

A Republican

"I don't hate Republicans, I just hate what they've done to our country."

XPB Editor

"I work in the war industry. If there were no wars, then my life would have no meaning."


"Now you're getting it."

XPB Editor

"Still another Twitter account has been suspended. I guess you libtards don't care about freedom of speech."


"I just checked the Constitution and freedom of speech is still there! You might want to go back and review the First Amendment. Read it slowly this time so you can better comprehend it."

XPB Editor

"I hope you can help settle an argument. I say Trump was a criminal but my wife says he was mentally ill. Which is correct?"

Sleeping On The Couch

"Certainly criminality but there's mental illness there too. You're both right."

XPB Editor

"Do you really not care if Donald Trump wins in 2024?"

Hopeful Fascist

"I really really really don't care. If Americans are actually dumb enough to vote him back into office knowing what they know now, then they deserve whatever they get.

XPB Editor

Any opinions expressed are opinions only and are not necessarily approved or endorsed by, um, anyone else, including the XP Blog Editor. On the other hand, any facts expressed or implied are indeed, facts. Just as is true for everything else in this world, you get to decide what you believe is opinion, what is fact, what is research based, and if and how they may or may not all fit together, but a fact is still a fact. Please note that just because something is research based doesn't necessarily make it a fact; and not all facts are research based. Some opinions are factual and research based. Some opinions are not facts, yet are still research based. Just because something is research based does not necessarily make it factual or ethical. Some facts are facts for some but seemingly not for others, yet a fact is still a fact; the same concept holds true for opinions and research. The same can be said for humor, satire, parody, and serious statements. Some opinions are just opinions. Ultimately, free speech is protected by the first amendment and one thing is always certain... Everything Is.

Sometimes when I look at humans it almost seems like they actually have a soul.

XP's Terrific Blog is for educational, motivational, empowerment, humor, satire, self-therapy, and other purposes.

We eat cookies but we do not collect cookies and we do not share information with anyone.

You could do something terrific right now

"Too Many People" originally published in XP's Classic BWAG, 2001

*Don't be alarmed, it's just another old poem from my high school days (1973).

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 273-8255

Keep checking back as new content is added throughout the month.

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We like Les Schwab. Several times a year I take my vehicles and my boat trailer in and they are always happy to perform free air checks. I had a nail in my tire and they removed it and patched the tire for free! The next time we need tires, we will be going to Les Schwab!

Important Dates:

FEB 02 - Groundhog Day √

FEB 07 - Super Bowl LV √

FEB 09 - Congressional Trial Starts √

FEB 12 - Lincoln's Birthday √

FEB 14 - Valentine's Day √

FEB 15 - President's Day √

FEB 18 - Perseverance Mars Landing √

FEB 27 - MLB Spring Training Games

Prosecute Traitors

How is it even possible that Kevin McCarthy is still in office after January 6th? You could phone him at his Washington DC number and politely ask him to resign. His phone number is (202) 225-2915. If you live within his district (verification required), you can contact him via e-mail.

Billboard in Bakersfield by Kern County Indivisible. Their Facebook Page here.

Out-of-touch Kevin McCarthy issues a non-apology for his insensitive and false statements regarding education. XPB reminds you and cautions you that this man wants to be president in 2024. So far, he continues to allow Margorie Taylor Greene to remain in her position on the education committee.

URGENT: Sign the petition to recall House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R). There are too many reasons to list, but his misguided efforts to be president in 2024 have left him placing Trump's party and politics over his district, state, and country.

"Politics isn't about the weird worship of one dude." Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska. Story at Politico.

The Senate Impeachment Trial isn't just about Democrats vs. Republicans... it's about whether or not Senators will uphold their oath to the Constitution.

Okay, the XPB tries to be fair. Kevin McCarthy called Trump asking him to call off his traitorous followers (and Trump obviously refused). Although we'll give McCarthy credit for this one act, there is a lot more he could've and should've done - he still needs to go.

UPDATE 2/13/21: As expected, the US Senate did not find Trump guilty of high crimes. Whatever...

XP Predicts...

Donald Trump will not be running for president in 2024.

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Failed nation, failed democracy seeking assistance. Looking for applicants with creative and effective solutions to very difficult and complex problems. Positions are open to everyone except politicians and vice principals. Aliens are encouraged to apply. Click here.

All Against All...

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a new speech warned about the potential for global conflict. "And there is a possibility that we may experience an actual collapse of global development that might result in a fight of all against all." Yahoo News

February Poll

Who will solve the problem?
The politicians
The people (99%)

We want to know who will solve the problem. You know, the problem. The politicians created the problem - will politicians be able to solve the problem they created? Or will the people have to solve it? Will it be solved at all? Thank you for taking the February poll.

Fun With 2x2 Factorials

One thing we like about 2x2 factorial designs is that everyone fits into one of the four boxes. Some say Trump would fit into the upper left box (++) because criminality and mental illness both seem likely. Where do you fit?

Apparently there's a scandal at the Lincoln Project. Whatever, we don't care, there's problems everywhere. The Lincoln Project played an important role in Trump losing the 2020 election, so, whatever.


You could order and enjoy a Big Carl from Carl's Jr. right now!


You could win this Chevy Silverado, a Coleman RV, and a NASCAR Prize Pack! You can enter daily; contest ends March 28th. Click here and good luck!

"Imagine all the people living for today."