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Download the USPM-2!

FREE!  Download The Complete USPM-2 Starter Kit!

Thank you for downloading the USPM-2. Please let me know how it is working for you and your students and contact me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

The components of the USPM-2 Starter Kit are now available for FREE (terms apply) download on this page.  Click the buttons to download the User Guide, Screener, Progress Monitor, the original research, and the new Student Self-Rating Scale.  Some of the Excel™ forms may need slight readjustment of the columns on your computer - otherwise, they should be ready for immediate use.


USPM-2 User's Guide

PDF™ Format (1.9 MB)

Provides all the information you need.


Universal Screener Form (US-2)

Excel™ Format (57 KB)

Provides student & classroom screening data.


Progress Monitor, 2nd Edition (PM-2)
Excel™ Format (123 KB)

An easy and effective method to monitor student progress.

NEW!  The Student Self-Report (SSR)

Excel™ Format (166 KB)

The student is the true expert in his or her life.


The Original USPM-2 Research

PDF™ Format (12.1 MB)

The USPM-2 was way ahead of it's time.


Terms apply.  By downloading the USPM-2 you agree to all terms of use.  Thank you!