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Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding anything related to the XP Site. I would especially love to hear from you if you are looking to make me an offer I cannot refuse!



Bakersfield, California USA


Hire Me!

Headhunters, make me an offer I cannot refuse if you're looking for:

• School Psychologist

• Special Education Coordinator

• Program Specialist or

• Consultant with

• Expertise in Crisis Intervention, Assessment - FAPE/LRE, §504 Civil Rights, Counseling, Program Evaluation & Development, Inservice/Workshop, and Educational Research and

• Interests in SEL, Humanistic, Empowerment, Cognitive, and Noncategorical Approaches with

• Skills in Computer Programming, Webpage Development, Graphic Arts, and Writing/Communication

I might be interested in part-time and/or travel opportunities under the right circumstances.

I would consider some cool interesting retirement jobs/opportunities, such as:

• Partner in Hot Dog Cart Business

• Sportsbook Writer

• Website Developer/Contributor

• Airlines or Boating Industries

• Other?

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I've been pretty inactive on LinkedIn but I have a renewed interest in becoming more active as I am looking for exciting new opportunities!  I'm looking to join networks and increase contacts.  Please visit and contact me - I might be am the guy who can help your organization. 


Questions, Comments, or Other? 

E-Mail XP at shrink@bak.rr.com


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