Everything Counts

XP's ClassiX

For those of you who missed them the first time, XP's ClassiX are being rereleased.  Enjoy!


NOTES & DISCLAIMERS:  Any opinions expressed in the ClassiX are opinions only and are not necessarily approved or endorsed by anyone including myself.  On the other hand, any facts expressed or implied are indeed facts.  Just as is true for everything else in this world, you get to decide what is opinion, what is fact, what is research based and if and how they may or may not all go together.  Note that just because something is research based doesn't necessarily make it a fact; and not all facts are research based.  Just because something is research based doesn't necessarily make it ethical.  Some facts are facts for some but not facts for others; the same concept holds true for opinions and research.  Some data based practices can be as bogus as some research based practices.  The same can be said for humor, satire, parody, drama, and other issues, such as fake news.  Some opinions are just opinions and we all, um, have one.  Some science is really just an opinion and a lot of sciences are very soft sciences.  No matter how you want to look at it, though, one thing is always for sure -Everything Is.

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XP ClassiX