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Cool, custom buttons right here, right now! Buttons! Get yer buttons!

100% Guarantee

Each Button is guaranteed 100% against any defects.  Every Button is handcrafted and Made in the USA.  2-1/4" in diameter with a protective plastic cover, XP's Buttons are attractive and durable.  Each button is of the highest quality and guaranteed against defects.  Each design is unique* and designed and produced only by XPsych!  We custom design anything you want!  


Anything You Want!


XP can design and produce high quality and attractive custom designs to meet your needs.  Put your logo, mascot, or message on a button.  Whatever you want!


If you have a campaign, favorite candidate, slogan, motto, message, conference, name or ID tages, party, or event,  talk to me.


Possibly you have a favorite photo or maybe you would like your club, class, or sports team photos.


Customized buttons can be great moneymakers for your group, club, team, organization, school, classroom, or business.  Ask me how my club raised over $2000 in 10 weeks!


Generate passive sales with an attractive Point-of-Sale display for your business or local topic.  Do you realize if you sell only 12 buttons per month, that's approximately $100 you made that year!  If you sell 25 per month, double that figure!  If you have higher traffic, who knows how much your store could generate during the year with just one display?  Add a second display...

XP will provide the display for FREE!  As you sell buttons, your job is to notify XP how many new buttons you for refill.  We both come out ahead! 

*NOTE:  We obviously cannot copy, sell, or distribute copyrighted or trademarked images unless you own the design and give permission.



The more you order, the more you save...

$2.00 each
$1.50 each
75 cents each
$10.00 (S/H rates increase with each 250 ordered)

Our prices are competitive with the big sites.  Compare us with them...

price for 1 button + s/h
Whacky Buttons
$0.75 + $7.29 S/H = $8.04
Speedy Buttons
$2.95 + $? S/H = $?
$3.50 + $? S/H = $?
Affordable Buttons
$2.14 + $? S/H = $?
XP's Buttons
$2.00 + $5.00 S/H = Only $7.00!

How To Order

We keep it simple.  Just contact me via e-mail and we'll cover all the details!


About XP's Buttons

XP won the Hot Button Contest at Badge A Minit!  Click here for the details!

For my 16th birthday, my Mom bought me a BadgeAMinit button-making machine. Ever since then, for over forty years, I've been designing and making buttons for fun, as a hobby, gifts, fundraisers, group/club activities, and as an occasional moneymaker.  In 1984, my buttons were worn in the Reagan White House by a political group from Greeley, Colorado!

In the schools, I've taught students how to design and make buttons.  My groups and clubs have sold school and team logo and spirit buttons in school stores and at sporting events.  One club earned $2000 selling buttons as a fundraiser!

A couple times I've had displays in stores and generated positive sales. 

XPsych is not a huge corporation.  I'm just one guy, a small businessman not pretending to be able to compete head-to-head against the huge corporations - I can't produce 1,000,000 buttons by Tuesday. With me, you will receive personalized service and a high quality product at a great price.  I enjoy designing and making buttons... it's not just a job to me - it's art.  My goal is 100% satisfied customers while I make a few extra bucks during my retirement!


Contact me now or any time for any questions or to order some cool buttons!

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