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Do you realize you have found the world famous XP Site? Hold on tight! The USPM-2 Student Rating Scales are now ONLINE!!! The MLB pennant races are on and it's all baseball all the time at XP Sports, baby. Visit GT Bets, our new affiliate, to get in on the action. Thank you for visiting. Good luck and have fun!

"All right, hold on tight..."  Deep Purple, 1972, 2006


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The XP Site is about, well, whatever I want it to be, but mostly sports, entertainment, and providing opportunities for us to make some great decisions. Whether your interest is in sports, fantasy, sports investment, legalized online sports wagering, sports gear and memorabilia, education, psychology, mental health, or just trying to figure out who's gonna drive you home tonight, there is hopefully something here for you.  Start every day by checking out XP's Famous FREE MLB Picks at XP Sports, then visit XP's outstanding affiliates and sign up for free. The USPM-2 is XP's featured educational/mental health product and the Student Scales are now Online!  XP is in the process of bringing back XP's ClassiX. Thank you in advance for visiting and here is hoping you are having a spectacular 2019!  Keep checking back because this site is evolving and improving every day.


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XP Sports has been online since 2012 and continues to specialize in MLB, sports investment, and free daily picks.  We are expanding our coverage to include football, basketball, and hockey.  We are getting better every day, baby!  Good luck!


Universal Screener/Progress Monitor, 2nd Edition

The USPM-2 provides a universal screener and progress monitor intended to provide the structure for a  humanistic SEL/PBIS/MTSS/RtI methodology to empower students. It is research based and data-driven, yet easy to use, cost- and time-effective, and values teacher's perceptions.  Download it for FREE,  try it out with no obligations, and see if the USPM-2 is the right choice for your class, grade, school, or district.  XP is pleased to announce the Student Scales are now Online!


After nearly two years offline, XP's ClassiX are being updated and brought back for your enjoyment.


NEW!  The first rule of science, especially the soft sciences, is to always remain skeptical.  XPI will remain skeptical while not becoming cynical and will provide important information related to education, mental, health, psychology, and related issues.  Call it my White Paper.  Get your thinking cap on and start thinking about the null hypothesis.


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