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Thursday's FREE Pick:  MIA vs. MIL (RL-1½ +110)

     Posted:  Thursday, April 19th, 2018 @ 6:00 a.m. PST  Good luck!


Results & Documentation

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#DateXP's FREE PickV/HRiskResultStrkW-LPct.Net +/-
22THU APR 19thMIA vs. MIL (RL-1½ +110) Risk $10.00 to Win $11.00Pending    
21WED APR 18thCIN vs. MIL (RL-1½ +150)0-2Risk $10.00 to Win $15.00WonW312-9.571+$43.40
20TUE APR 17thKC vs. TOR (RL-1½ -115)3-11Risk $11.50 to Win $10.00WonW211-9.550+$28.40
19MON APR 16thCHW vs. OAK (RL-1½ +150)1-8Risk $10.00 to Win $15.00WonW110-9.526+$18.40
18SUN APR 15th7-Team ML Parlay (+1262)-0-Risk $10.00 to Win $126.28LostL29-9.500+$3.40
17SAT APR 14thPIT (RL-1½ +105) vs. MIA
1-0Risk $10.00 to Win $10.50LostL19-8.529+$13.40
16FRI APR 13thStL (RL-1½ +107) vs. CIN
5-3Risk $10.00 to Win $10.70WonW19-7.563+$23.40
15THU APR 12thDET vs. CLE (Under 8 +105)3-9Risk $10.00 to Win $10.50LostL18-7.533+$12.70
14WED APR 11thLAA (ML+102) vs. TX7-2Risk $10.00 to Win $10.20WonW18-6.571+$22.70
13TUE APR 10thOAK (ML +115) vs. LAD0-4Risk $10.00 to Win $11.50LostL27-6.538+$12.50
12MON APR 9thCIN vs. PHI (RL-1½ +155)
5-6Risk $10.00 to Win $15.50LostL17-5.583+$22.50
11SUN APR 8thKC vs. CLE (RL-1½ -110)1-3Risk $11.00 to Win $10.00WonW17-4.636+$32.50
10SAT APR 7thMIA (ML+145) vs.PHI1-20Risk $10.00 to Win $14.50LostL16-4.600+$22.50
9FRI APR 6thCIN vs. PIT (ML+100)3-14Risk $10.00 to Win $10.00WonW16-3.666+$32.50
8THU APR 5thTX vs. OAK (RL-1½ +145) 6-5Risk $10.00 to Win $14.50LostL25-3.625+$22.50
7WED APR 4thWSH (RL-1½ -140) vs. MIA1-7Risk $14.00 to Win $10.00LostL15-2.714+$32.50
6TUE APR 3rdBOS (RL-1½ -140) vs. MIA4-2Risk $14.00 to Win $10.00WonW55-1.833+$46.50
5MON APR 2ndCWS vs. TOR (RL-1½ +125)
2-4Risk $10.00 to Win $12.50WonW44-1.800+$36.50
4SUN APR 1stLAA vs. OAK (Over 8½ -114)7-4Risk $11.40 to Win $10.00WonW33-1.750+$24.00
 3SAT MAR 31stMIN (RL-1½ +140) vs. BAL6-2Risk $10.00 to Win $14.00WonW22-1.666+$14.00
 2FRI MAR 30thWSH (RL-1½ -115) vs. CIN
2-0Risk $11.50 to Win $10.00WonW11-1.500Even
1THU MAR 29thStL (ML+121) vs. NYM4-9Risk $10.00 to Win $12.10LostL10-1.000-$10.00


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Could Sports Gambling Come To California?
KCRA News (February 5th, 2018) 

"We could see tax revenue as high as 200 million a year."  Adam Gray, Assemblyman


 If/when online sports wagering is legalized, XP would recommend BetUS


About XP's FREE Picks

General Form #1:  Parenthesis follow the team XP is investing in.  In the following example, the first line indicates XP is investing in StL to win.  XP is investing in NYM to win on the second line. 

StL (ML +120) vs. NYM
StL vs. NYM (ML -120) 

With few exceptions, most wagers will be familiar:  ML = Moneyline;  RL = Runline;  and O/U = Over/Under (Totals).

General Form #2:  XP invests ("risks") 1 unit per pick.  Each unit is worth $10.00.  You determine the amount assigned to each unit according to your bankroll (i.e., how much you can afford and how confident you are). Obviously everyone is different... some may assign $1.00 per unit, some may assign $10.00 per unit, and others may assign $100.00 per unit, etc., you get the point.

Goal:  The goal is to be ahead at the end of the season and maybe even have a little fun during the MLB season.

Don't "follow" me (or anyone for that matter)!  The purpose of XP's FREE Picks is to provide for you another resource as you gather information from a variety of resources to collect knowledge as just one small part of your capping duties.  If you choos to mindlessly "follow me" (or anyone else) you're being lazy.  I don't know if I'm a great capper or a horrible capper - every year is different.  I've had some successful seasons and some failing seasons so I guess we won't know until the end of the season.  Sometimes I get hot... sometimes I'm cold!  Plus, if someone is merely "following" another and there is a cold streak, they for some reason get mad at who they are following.  You are responsible for your investments.  Good luck! 

XP likes underdogs for a lot reasons, but will still invest in favorites.  Ultimately, the investment, no matter what it is, is intended to be a winner, baby! 

Bottom line:  Success in sports investment is ultimately measured in the total units (+/-) you have.  Records and winning percentages don't really count:  it's cool to brag that you are 9-1, winning at a 90% clip, but if you're still down 5 units, that is what matters.  It's cool to brag that, "I'm hot!  I'm on a 7-game winning streak!", but if you're still down 5 units, that is what matters.

Never invest more than you are more than happy to lose. 

Maybe I'll provide more info as the season progresses, maybe not.  

If you have questions, or want to provide content to this page, contact XP Sports via e-mail.

Thank you for visiting!


All picks are, um, just for education and entertainment purposes.  Good luck!
Everything about XP's FREE Picks is related to sports investing, not online wagering.  Know your local laws regarding this topic.
XP believes online sports wagering should become legal and regulated in the USA, just like it is everywhere else in the world.
More info coming here soon.


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